Dedicated to Past Committee Members

The Veterans Freedom Music Festival  HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED Due the Corona Virus Pandemic. But, the 2020 Committee meets periodically to organize and finalize major decisions so the Festival can run smoothly. The purpose is to create a great experience for the attending public, but especially to honor our Veterans. 

We thank the 2019 Committee Members who have already contributed so much.  If you would like to more about becoming a Member of the 2020 10th Annual Veterans Freedom Music Festival Committee, Click the Button below:

2020, Bruce Trautwein, Chair

2020, Co-Chair

2020 Ed Schnabel, Treasurer

Dedicated Past 2020 Committee Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Julie Aksamit
  • Pamela Alm
  • Walt Canney
  • Ken Colson
  • Lyman E. Garrison 
  • Terry Gillispie
  • Wade Graft
  • Tony Hillhouse
  • Greg Holloway
  • Dave Krenk
  • Carol Maasdam 
  • Ed Malk, Co-Chair
  • Rachel Martin
  • Dean Orsborn
  • Nancy Osborn 
  • Troy Paisley  (UNL Army ROTC)
  • Joy Patten 
  • Galen Payne
  • Dan Petersen 
  • Dave Polson, Chair 
  • Dave Rusk 
  • Ed Schnabel
  • Ryan Sharp
  • Larry Sitzman 
  • Pat Stanosheck
  • Bruce Trautwein
  • Lori Wardlow 
  • Gary Willey 
  • Gailen Young

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Veterans Freedom Music Festival 

 700 South 70th Street  

Lincoln, NE 68510


Dave Rusk

Bruce Trautwein

1. To raise money for the Benefit and enjoyment of Veterans, their families and the general public through The Veterans Freedom Music Festival.  The Festival is held each year to bring awareness to Veterans and to thank them for their service, past, present and future.

2. The Committee is made of volunteers who do not receive any compensation for their time and effort.  This is a totally volunteer effort made up mostly, but not all, of Veterans.


The Veterans Freedom Music Festival is a litter free event in conjunction with Keep Nebraska Beautiful