Welcome to The Quilts of Valor Foundation!

Catherine Roberts’ Dream

The Quilts of Valor Foundation began in 2003 with a dream, literally a dream, when Founder Catherine Roberts’ son Nate was deployed in Iraq. 

Since 2003, Your Veterans Advisory Group of Lincoln has been proud to work with the Quilts of Valor Foundation, which has  has awarded a Quilt of Valor to over 200,000 Veterans and military service Members.  


Veteran's Advisory Group and The Quilts of Valor Foundation

The Lincoln, NE Chapter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is represented at each 'Coffee Haus,' an event held on the third Friday of each month at the VA Hospital Auditorium in Lincoln. The Lincoln QOV has also become part of the Veteran's Freedom Music Festival held each June.  

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Nancy Meinzer, Request Coordinator at (402) 440-5814 or Email at: 

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Quilts of Valor Foundation History

The Early Days

From the beginning, Catherine Roberts had definite ideas about standards of excellence for Quilts of Valor. In the early days of the organization, the primary focus was on awarding quilts to service members wounded in the Iraq (OIF) and Afghanistan (OEF) conflicts. The first name of the organization was ‘Quilts for Soldiers,’ but over the years the name evolved to ‘Quilts of Valor.'

The First Quilt of Valor

The philosophy widened when Catherine became aware of the work that goes on at Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations (AFMAO), located at Dover Air Force Base, DE. The first Quilt of Valor was awarded in November 2003 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) to a young soldier from Minnesota who had lost his leg in Iraq. 

The Foundation Grew...

From Catherine’s home in Seaford, DE, the Quilts of Valor movement spread across the nation and beyond through the power of word-of-mouth and the Internet. 


Mission Statement and Core Values

  Quilts Of Valor  Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover Service members and Veterans touched by war with comforting and healing 'Quilts of Valor.' 

Core Values

Quilts of Valor Foundation Core Values are:

  • Treating People with Respect (honoring all faiths and beliefs, striving for inclusivity)
  • Promoting Excellence (Putting the best possible workmanship and materials into every quilt we make, so it will be a lasting award for the person it is meant to comfort)
  • Valuing Service Over Self (Quilts of Valor recipients come first)
  • Being Accountable (we are accountable for our actions to our recipients, our supporters, our donors, and our fellow volunteers).